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Basic Care Trial Kit Moisture - Essential Balancing Emulsion 15ml + Essential Power Skin Refiner 15ml
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Perfect Renew Trial Kit 5 sets (Skin Refiner 10ml + Emulsion 10ml + Cream 10ml + Night Treatment 5ml + Essence 5ml
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Basic & Moisture Care Trial Kit - Essential Balancing Emulsion 25ml + Essential Power Skin Refiner 25m +Waterbank Essense 10ml + Waterbank Gel cream 10ml
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BCleansing Trial Kit - 3 items (Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil 25ml + Waterproof Eye remover 25ml + Multi Cleanser 10ml)
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Basic Care Trial Kit  5 items 46.5ml - Yunjo Essense 8ml + Jaeumsoo 15ml + Jaeum Liquid 15ml + Sumrian Cream 3.5ml +Jaem fresh cream 5ml
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Basic Care Trial Kit  4 items 43ml - Yunjo Essense 8ml + Jaeumsoo 15ml + Jaeum Liquid 15ml + Jaem fresh cream 5ml
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Moistgen Softer Skin Hydration 15ml Moistgen Emulsion Skin Hydration - 15ml Moistgen Cream Skin Hydration - 5ml Moistgen Serum Skin Hydration - 5ml Moistgen Eye Cream - 3ml
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Yuja Water C Toner - 180ml + 20ml (miniature) Yuja Water C Emulsion - 160ml +20ml (miniature) Concentrated moisture! Basic skin care routine full of moisture that has no time to become dry. Contains yuja extract and moisturizing yuja oil from uncontaminated Goheung city. Moisturizing emulsion that deeply hydrates skin. 
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