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Yes the cover picture is just the best made ever hahaha~ sorry I noticed how bad it looks when I uploaded it here already BUT don't let it bother you too much, owkay? Today I'm going to review this Tony Moly Gel Liner which I got from www.stylekorean.com and is now on sale 5,45$ only. I decided to try this gel liner and create slightly different look about me that you might not be used to but it's okay since this is just my alter ego.

Quoted from: http://yejenny.blogspot.sg/2015/10/review-tony-moly-gel-liner-black-eyes.html

So this eyeliner is one of the best selling products and I have seen tons of reviews about this product. I personally haven't purchased this before just because I've had bad experiences about gel liners. I absolutely hate gel liner because of these reasons: they always smudge easily, thin and wing lines are hard to make (depends about the brush also) and they are not pigmented enough. I was really sceptic about this liner too when I first got it but actually it was surprising!
So this liner comes with longer and shorter brush and also in three different colors: black, light brown, dark brown. I'm glad I got the black one because I could not use brown liners at all. I don't find those pretty looking on me. So you twist it open and pull the brush off.. the liner is in three pieces actually.

The brush is not angled brush... it's round shape with slightly pointy tip. The texture of this product is really creamy and it'd easy to apply. I was a bit dissapointed when I noticed that it's not that black! I wish it would have more pigment. I always afraid to add second layer of any eyeliner because I feel like I'm going to mess it up and end up looking like ha panda hahaha~ I always do the wing line and never ever used this kind of actual brush to do it! Okay I have tried but all my attempt has failed me.

So as you can see there you can do thick and thin lines but it's not so black on thin ones because there is less product. On thicker lines I added second layer and it became too smudgy. On the second picture I just swiped over with my finger after 10 minutes of applying allowing it to dry enough. The thick lines smudged easily but after that I tried to rub the liner off under the water. Now the thin lines started to come of but those where I applied second coat of gel didn't really smudge anymore.




Moment of truth was when I tried to do thin wing line which I always try to do. WOAH so happy how it turned out to be!!! It was so easy to do O____O but again I wish it would be more black but I just have to add second layer and pray not to mess it up hahaha~

Because it's Halloween (which is not even a thing in Finland) I decided to do one of my alter egos. Dark and settle smoky eyes and black lips. I wanted to try out how this would work as a ''lipstick'' and damn I think it looks really good! It's better than many actual black lipsticks haha so I feel like this could be TWO in ONE product.  NOTE: I don't have a real piercing on my nose ^_^


+ perfect for creating different liner looks
+ affordable
+ other color options
+ use as a lipstick haha~ (brown one for brows?)
+ handy packaging
+ great shaped brush


+ a bit smudgy
+ not pigmented enough

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